Burn your slideshows to DVD

Burn Your Slideshows to DVD!

With the Kizo-Player, burning your slideshows to DVDs is easy. This program will first convert your slideshow into an ISO file and then burn it onto DVD.

You can burn as many copies as you want of the slideshow with its transitions and special effects. And a big plus: the slideshows can last over an hour!

A DVD for Any Occasion!

A DVD for Any Occasion!

The KizoPlayer makes burning DVD’s easy!

First choose your TV settings, put in a recordable DVD disc in your computer and the KizoPlayer will start burning your slideshow to a DVD.

A DVD for Any Occasion!

DVD’s are a great way to share with friends and family the memories you create!.

They’re also great presents for those special occasions like weddings, holidays, and birthdays.

Get Access to the KizoPlayer With Premium!

With a 2-year premium membership you get full access to the KizoPlayer so you can burn all your slideshows to DVD and convert them to video right on your computer. Plus you get much more!

Create your account today, and start exploring all the different premium features.

Need help?

If you have a problem with the Kizo-Player, you can view our dedicated help page for many problem solving solutions.

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