How to burn a DVD with Mac

Here are some easy to follow steps on how to burn your slideshow onto a DVD using a Mac computer:

The first step towards burning a DVD is to first request that your slideshow be sent to you as an ISO file via email. You can do this by simply logging into your Kizoa account and then going to the "My Slideshows" tab. Once there, select your slideshow and click on the "BURN DVD" button located near the bottom of the page.

You will then be able to select your DVD format and confirm your request. Within a few seconds you will receive a confirmation email of your DVD video request. After receiving this you will need to wait a few minutes while your video is being prepared as an ISO file.

Once you have received your email with your video ISO link inside, you can continue with these steps:

1. Click on the ISO link located within your email.

2. Once clicked, the ISO link file will begin to download onto your computer.

3. Once the download is complete, insert a blank DVD disk into your computer.

4. A new window will appear asking you which program you would like to open your disk with.

5. Choose the "Disk Utility" option.

6. If you do not see this option upon inserting the blank disk, go to the Spotlight finder (magnifying glass icon located in the top right corner of your screen) and search for "Disk Utility" and then click on it to open.

7. You will then see that the Disk Utility shows your disk and your ISO file, you can now click on the BURN button near the top of the window to start burning your DVD.

To play your disk, it will either begin to play automatically once your insert the DVD into your computer, or you can search for the "DVD Player" within the Spotlight finder (as mentioned in step 6). You can also play your DVD on your home DVD player to watch on your TV.