Photo Editor:
  • Very easy to use
  • 200 frames, 80 filters
  • Face morphing tool

Kizoa makes it easy to edit photos!

It’s easy to edit your photos on Kizoa!

It’s easy and fun to edit photos with Kizoa Editing Workshop! You don’t need to be a professional photographer or pay hundreds of dollars for fancy software.

You can choose from many click-of-a-button effects to standard editing features like cropping, rotating and removing red eye.

You can even frame your photos with a wide selection of unique frames you’ll only find on Kizoa!

Ajoutez des encadrés à vos photos

Become a Photo Editing expert

1. Add Themed Frames!

It’s easy to add a special frame to your photo. Whether it’s summertime, Mother’s Day or New Year’s Eve, there's always the right frame for any occasion.

Once you choose your frame you’ll be able to easily adjust its intensity, letting your true photo genius shine!

Click Here to learn more about special frames.

2. Crop, Resize, & Reshape Photos!

With the Kizoa photo Editing Workshop you can easily compose a masterpiece. It’s easily to resize, rotate, crop, and remove red eye, and more!

Click Here to learn more about Kizoa’s photo editing features

3. Add Professional Effects and Filters!

You can instantly apply amazing filters and effects to your photos. With one click, you'll have your picture printed on bricks or concrete. Or you can make the photo turn to a watercolor painting. You can even apply fun comic effect!.

Click Here to learn more about the effects and filters.

Use the Photo Morphing Tool

4. Use the Face Morphing Tool!

It’s fun to distort photos of friends and family with our ‘Silly Face Application.’ With a few clicks you can morph faces into aliens or cute monsters!

Click Here to learn more about the face morphing tool.