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Kizoa makes it easy to create slideshows and videos!

You can create slideshows and videos from scratch or start from one of our many templates. Whatever you choose, there are unlimited possibilities to customize your creations. Use our unique technology and special effects to tell your own story and express yourself!

Get started today! There's no software to download, and it's free!

Create slideshows that amaze friends and family

Cru00e9er des diaporamas

Add photos to create your slideshows!

1. Upload photos and videos

Once in your Kizoa account, start by uploading your photos and videos. Then use the Editing Workshop to touchup your photos and videos. A great slideshow starts with great images! You'll also be able to add frames and instant photo effects from the Editing Workshop.

When your photos and videos are uploaded and edited, start creating your first slideshow by them onto the Film Reel. In just a few seconds, you'll have a great slideshow!

Insert Transitions!

2. Add transitions

It’s easy to add transitions! Simply drag the transition effect onto the Film Reel next to your photo. There are over 300 unique transitions, from classic fades and sweeps to special rollovers and zooms.

Click Here to learn more about transitions.

Add Special Effects

3. Add special effects

Bring your motionless pictures to life with special effects. Make it appear to be raining, snowing, or even add falling rose petals or rising balloons! It’s easy to add effects: simply drag and drop the effect onto a photo in your slideshow and you’re done!

Click Here to learn more about special effects.

Add text to your slideshows!

4. Add text

By adding our text effects, you not only show your story through photos, but tell it through your descriptive words!. In the Kizoa slideshow maker you'll be able to add different text options that enable your words to fade in and out, scroll across the screen, or twist and turn, etc. You can also choose from many different fonts, colors and other features!

Click Here to learn more about text effects.

Add animations to your slideshows!

5. Add animations

There’s over 200 themed animations to place on your photo slideshow! These animated stickers are easy to insert, position, and are fun for the whole family! Explore all your favorite holiday and special-occasion animations when you sign up for your free account.

Click Here to learn more about animations.

Ajouter de la musique aux diaporamas !

6. Add music

Finish your photo slideshow by adding music to your slideshow! Choose from our extensive free music library or upload your own music. You can also add multiple songs for those longer slideshows, easily coordinating the music with the photos in your slideshow.

Click Here to learn more about music.