Store And Organize Your Photos on Kizoa!

Kizoa Makes It Easy To Store And Organize Photos!

Storing Photos Online

Keep your pictures and memories in a safe place by uploaded them online to your Kizoa account.

You can create different photo albums online and rearrange pictures to keep them organized.

Your photos will be safe in your account and you’ll always be able to download them back to your computer in the future!

Stockez toutes vos photos

Store and Organize Your Photos on Kizoa!

 1. There’s Plenty of Storage Space!

You can upload and store up to 1GB of photos with any free Kizoa account. Upgrade and you’ll receive an UNLIMITED storage space for your cherished photos and memories.

By uploading your photos to Kizoa, you’re also keeping your memories safe online. If your computer ever crashes and you lose your pictures, you’ll always be able to access them through your Kizoa account!

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Download Photos to Your Computer

2. Download Photos to Your Computer!

You can easily download your photos back onto your computer from Kizoa. This helps safeguard your photographs for generations to come! It also makes it easy to download the photos you modified using the Kizoa Editing Workshop.

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Organize Pictures with Photo Albums

3. Organize Pictures with Digital Albums!

Keeping your pictures organized is easy by creating digital photo albums to help you maintain order! You can even organize albums by dates, or events such as weddings, birthdays, vacations, and family holidays.

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