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With Friends and Family!

Kizoa Helps You Share Photos and Slideshows!

Kizoa Helps You Share Photos and Slideshows!

With your Kizoa account, you can share all your beautiful creations with your friends and family.

Your photos and slideshow stories are waiting to be shared online or burned to a DVD, posted on a website or to Facebook.

Create your free account today and start sharing your photos with the people you care about most!

Envoyez les diaporamas par email

Sharing Your Photo’s Has Never Been Easier!

 1. Send by Email!

Easily send your photos and slideshows to friends and family through our convenient emailing tool. You can even import your entire address book to send your slideshows to everyone in just seconds.

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Embed in Websites

Embed in Websites 2. Embed in Websites!

It’s easy to post your slideshows and photo albums to a website or blog. Simply copy the unique HTML code into your web editor and you’re done! Once embedded, your slideshow will be linked to Kizoa so any future changes made to your slideshow will automatically be reflected on your web site.

Click Here to learn more about sharing on Websites and Blogs.

Connect to Your Social Networks 3. Connect to Your Social Networks!

With Kizoa, you can instantly post your slideshows to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Have fun connecting with your friends as they watch your creative photo montages and video slideshows.

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Download Your Slideshows as a Video

4. Download Your Slideshows as a Video!

Easily download your slideshows and convert them into premium video files. You can watch your slideshows from any computer or copy the video slideshow to a flash drive. With a slideshow downloaded as a video, you’ll also be able to post your photo montage to YouTube!

Click Here to learn more about downloading your slideshows as a video.

Burn Your Slideshows to DVD

5. Burn Your Slideshows to DVD!

With our KizoPlayer, you'll be able to burn slideshows to DVD directly from your computer to be viewed on any TV or computer. It's easy!

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Create Photo Sharing Groups

6. Create Photo Sharing Groups!

Sharing photos on Kizoa with your friends and family is easy and fun! People in your sharing group can download the photos or use the photos to create their own slideshows!

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