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and parking???? oh boy forget it

11 July 2012, 1:40am


this is a dump in a fringe neighborhood

11 July 2012, 1:38am


Echo park. Safe and cheap. Crime has gone down 73% in past decade

14 March 2012, 6:10am


This is close to the everything. This building is very nice and cozy. If you are in need of a cute micro-loft for the price can not be beat! Many investors are trying to clean up downtown. They are redoing a lot of old buildings. They are making great progress. Just look, people all have there thoughts on things, some wrong, some right! go check it out!
Ps if you got robbed, who did you hang out with? It is most likely someone you knew!

21 February 2012, 8:17pm


600 - 700? In los angeles? Yikes. You can get a bachelor in north hollywood for around 700, not the most eventful part of town (which i think is a good thing) but only 2 train stops from the blvd. and its got everything you need. Try mid-wilshire (closer to downtown), culver city ( west LA), or san fernando (north/valley). Hope this helps!

27 December 2011, 10:11pm


Thank you for all the honest comments. I was considering making a trip from San Diego to look at these. Sounds like it would be a waste of time. Does anyone know Where I can find a decent place in downtown l.a. or nearby for 600-700? I've been looking on Craigslist but its so overwhelming! Would appreciate help :)

22 December 2011, 7:32am


There is truth in all of this..very helpfull..the staff must live there that is why they are so rude

4 December 2011, 5:04pm


I would like to find a one bedroom with bath downtown..WITHOUT bedbugs...will keep looking

28 November 2011, 4:19am


No burglaries in the valley???? Hahaha surely you jest!?!?! The valley has turned into a Persian/Armenian cesspool!

17 November 2011, 1:21am


I am relocating frolm nyc to LA soon and have been battling and battling on where I should look, your comments helped alot. if you would have any more suggestions or advice i would really love to hear some! I will be moving to La and will have to travel to hollywood alot.

15 November 2011, 9:39pm