Movie Maker: Return to Silence

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It amazes me how you always turn pain into something beautiful. Even when your poetry is sad, the imagery is just amazing. God has given you a great talent.

12 August 2012, 9:19pm


Sometimes God doesn't change a situation because he's trying to change a heart.

29 July 2012, 1:41am


What a tragic but beautiful love story.

23 July 2012, 6:58am


I'm sorry for the person who gave you up. Someday someone will thank him for letting you go.

20 July 2012, 4:10pm


I couldn't help but notice that you wrote this poem this year Charis. I´m sorry I didn´t know you were in pain, my friend. You always have such a beautiful smile to share and you´re always so concerned with helping others. I don´t think anyone knew you were going through so much sadness. I hope you´re doing better. Please say something next time. You have more friends than anyone I know and we´re all here for you. Love you girl.

18 July 2012, 11:01pm


You´re so courageous Charis.

18 July 2012, 10:51pm


You are such a beautiful woman inside and out it's hard to believe anyone would let you go. Whoever did let go of you, let go of a lifetime of happiness. Don't cry for them.

12 July 2012, 5:31am


Charis trust God. He know your heart and he know why. Love you!

4 July 2012, 1:28am

Luz Maria

Amiguita querida, quien te ha hecho tanto daño.

2 July 2012, 1:38pm


Charis donde estas?

27 June 2012, 1:26pm